What is a ‘practilonga’?

When it comes to Argentine Tango, the most common name for a type of dance evening you will come across is a ‘milonga’ (yes, it’s also the same name used for a style of music danced to alongside tango – it’s confusing at first but you’ll quickly get used to it!). A ‘milonga’ is typically a more formal event, with dancers making more of an effort to dress smartly and there will be a named DJ responsible for choosing the music. A ‘practica’ is typically completely informal (and Tango Kings is certainly informal!) – you can wear whatever you like – just dress in something comfortable to dance (but don’t forget to make sure you’re clean – if you’ve come straight from the gym without a shower it will be less pleasant for those you take into your dance embrace!). A ‘practilonga’ is then an attempt to be somewhere between the two – informal and with plenty of space to practise – and a party as well!

We encourage everyone to share ideas about what works for them in the dance – and to ask others if there’s something they’d like help with. In this way, complete beginners are also welcome – as anyone who has taken even one lesson before can already start introducing the basic concepts to you.

You don’t need to come along with a partner – people generally change partners every few songs or so. We also encourage everyone to try dancing the opposite ‘role’ to what they are used to (i.e. leading and following) – as this can really help with improving your dancing in your own role.